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How does insurance work at Heart Pine?

We provide Counseling Services on an Out-of-Network basis with all insurances. Please ask us for more information on applying your Out-of-Network benefits.

Should we use our insurance for therapy?

There are numerous advantages to seeking counseling outside of your insurance network. By providing services on an out-of-network basis, we are able to avoid giving a formal diagnostic label, which some insurance carriers treat as a pre-existing condition. Further, the therapy service is determined by the needs of the client, rather than the interests of the insurance carrier. There are also significant reductions in bureaucracy that allow the client and the therapist to focus on healing, rather than checking boxes. 

Is it really time for therapy? Is it right for us?

People often have misconceptions regarding who attends therapy. Our therapist regularly says "If only everyone knew who all sits on my couch, then there would be no stigma about counseling". Similarly, people often wait to seek out therapy until distress has really "hit the fan". Though therapy is appropriate is those situations, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of intervention. Reach out before the situation is out of hand! Our therapist encourages people to view therapy as an investment, one that both promotes healing and success, as well as helps prevent future significant costs, be it failing grades, divorce, or vacations wasted by constant fighting.   

How are fees structured at Heart Pine Counseling Center?

Our fees are designed to be at a discount to our Knoxville peers as we seek to make the transformations that therapy offers more accessible to more people. Further, our therapist reserves multiple time slots for "Sliding Scale" clients, wherein fees are reduced in proportion to client income. Please ask our therapist for more information about these sliding scale slots. 

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