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Welcome to Heart Pine Counseling Center. We are so glad you are reaching out for help, and we are honored you have chosen us!

Heart Pine has a mission of providing our East Tennessee community with premier counseling services. Please explore our site to learn about us and the vital work we do!



Our Services

Couple in Nature


We provide Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, a gold-standard method that promotes deep healing and long lasting change.

Man with Headphones


Individual therapy allows intensive focus and a deep dive towards emotional healing. Be it general stress, anxiety, depression, drug/alcohol use, or other mental health diagnoses, we treasure the opportunity to join you along your hike to wellness. 

College Campus

Collegiate Outreach

We have partnered with many fraternities at the University of Tennessee to help young men navigate the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. Further, we regularly engage with a diverse group of collegiate organizations to promote mental health care.

Happy Family


We are always honored by the opportunity to join families in their moments of need. The importance of family is at the heart of our practice. Using Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy, we help families walk through struggles while fostering the safety and trust needed to thrive.

Image by Norbert Kundrak


Our therapists routinely join adolescents as they journey through a world that is exponentially increasing in complexity. We seek to develop a deep, trusting relationship that allows a bridge into highly effective family therapy. Again, we see the family as our greatest source of strength, so we always seek to promote healthy connections between teens and their parents. 


Keynote Speaker

Mental health is a hot topic right now, but is not always discussed in a constructive, accurate manner. Our therapist, Charlie Mitchell, enjoys adding to these discussions, speaking on a variety of topics. His most recent presentations centered on addiction, mental-health-focused leadership, and intersections of faith and mental health.


Norris Oaks Office Suites

115 Oak Road Norris, TN 37828


Tel:  865-323-5324

OUR Location

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Friday


OUR Hours

OUR Philosophy

At Heart Pine Counseling Center, we focus on bringing premier counseling services to East Tennessee. Through extensive research, clinical experience, and countless of hours of supervised practice and consultation, our team has dedicated themselves to providing Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Emotionally Focused Therapy, applied to couples, families, and individuals, is a highly researched and evidence-based therapy model. The therapy provides a map to help us understand where distress comes from, deconstructs why we react the way we do, then systematically help us approach our distress and respond in an adaptive way. The resulting goal is a deep sense of surety in ourselves and in our trust of others, leading to increased confidence, deeper feelings of connection, and a safety necessary to leap out into this world.

We have chosen Norris as our primary location due to our deep love for the communities of East Tennessee. Raised in Norris and Andersonville, Charlie Mitchell and his wife Sarah are passionate about bringing home the quality of services typically only found in larger cities. Please keep exploring our website to learn more about our team and their areas of clinical expertise. 


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